Effectiveness and Safety of Intrathecal Ziconotide: PRIZM

The Patient Registry of Intrathecal Ziconotide Management evaluated the long-term effectiveness and safety of intrathecal ziconotide.


The registry enrolled 93 patients. Seventy-four and 28 patients completed 12 weeks and 18 months of treatment, respectively. In the overall patient population, 17.4% had ≥30% pain reduction from baseline at week 12, with a mean reduction in pain of 10.9%. At month 18, 38.5% of patients had ≥30% pain reduction from baseline, with a mean pain reduction of 24.7%. Patient-rated improvement was reported in 67% of patients at week 12 and 71% at month 18. Almost all patients experienced adverse events, the most common of which were nausea (25.8%), confusional state (22.6%), and dizziness (20.4%).

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